HAJJ SPECIAL PACKAGE 2019 16/12/2014


MAKKAH HOTEL: Faja Al Badie 1

MADINA HOTEL: Al Eiman Al Manar in Madina 150 METERS AND 200 METERS

AZIZA BUILDING: Any Building in Azizia / shoqia / Khaledy / Kudai

MAKTAB FACILITIES: Maktab # 61 Near Kubri Abdullah, A/C at Arafat

AZIZIA & SHALIMAR: 5 to 6 Days on Sharing Basis (5 to 6 Bed) 

FOOD: 2 Dish buffet at Makkah, Madina & Azizia, Maulim provided single Dish parcels During Mina & Arafat.

TRANSPORT: Private Buses during Inter City Transfers.

Expected: Expected Airline Ticket Departure 1st August to 5th August 2019.


Services Our Experience and professional staff throughout the Hajj Journey.

Ziarat of the Holy Places of Makkah & Madina managed by our professionals and skilled staff.

Gifts (Ihraam, Abaya, Bags etc.) will be provided also.

Qurbani is not included in the packages.


1- Original Machine Readable Pakistani Passport Only (Atleast Valid upto 30th April, 2020)

2. Valid CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) 

3. Blood Group Number.

5. Next to Kin (CNIC and Contact Number)

6. In case of repeat Hajj during last five last five year 2000 SR fees will be charged seperatly.

Above mentioned schdule of Hajj Journey might be changed subject to confirmation of Flight of sighting of moon.


For any information and details Contact: 0302-2431906, 0321-8229888, 0300-9235388 Landline: 021-3593367-8